Saturday, December 5, 2009

Flood alert in Mozambique via Agencia de Informacao de Mocambique: Mozambique's relief agency, the National Disasters Management Institute (INGC), has announced an "orange alert" due to the heavy rains that have fallen in recent days in the basins of the Limpopo, Incomati and Umbeluzi rivers in the south of the country. According to the spokesperson for the National Emergency Operation Centre (CENOE), Belarmino Chivambo, this alert obliges the institutions involved in disaster management to monitor such phenomena as rainfall and winds, in preparation for possible flooding.

The Civil Protection Unit (UNAPROC) has also been mobilised, ready for speedy intervention should any of the rivers break their banks. Chivambo said that the situation is currently under control, and the soils in the river valleys are not yet saturated. Nonetheless, rescue equipment is being positioned in various parts of the country in case it should be needed….

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Paul said...

This is a great guide for emergency preparations.