Friday, May 9, 2008

California's lieutenant governor warns of how climate change may affect the San Joaquin Delta If left unchecked, the rising sea levels caused by global climate change could leave Stockton under water, California's Lt. Gov. John Garamendi warned Thursday in a talk to members of San Joaquin County's legal community. Garamendi spoke at the San Joaquin County Bar Association's annual Law Day luncheon. He said new laws have to address climate change issues that will impact local residents whose lives are inexorably tied to the San Joaquin Delta.

"Yes, Delta water has come up six inches over the last century," he said. "And if you go 56 inches, we're in deep water right here." In addition to capricious flooding and spells of drought driven by climate change, he said California laws have to account for things such as levees and how water is stored in natural aquifers that supply drinking water….

A broken levee on the Sacramento River, US Army Corps of Engineers, Wikimedia Commons

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