Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Meteroologcial prize winner warns of accelerating warming

Environment News Service: The man who has just won the climate science community's highest prize, predicts "a higher future global warming estimate than expected heretofore." Professor Jagadish Shukla has been awarded the 52nd International Meteorological Organization Prize for his contributions to meteorological and hydrological science. The award was presented March 28 by the World Meteorological Organization in Washington, DC at an event hosted by the National Academy of Sciences. It recognizes outstanding work in meteorology and hydrology, as well as contributions to international collaboration in both scientific fields.

Some climate models are better than others, Dr. Shukla said in 2006 as he published the first paper ranking their accuracy. He that when the most accurate models are weighted more heavily than less accurate ones is assessing climate change, it appears that the climate is changing more quickly than anticipated. A professor in the School of Computational Sciences, Shukla said, "Giving the higher fidelity models more weight implies a higher future global warming estimate than expected heretofore."…

Photo of Dr. Shukla from iges.org.

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