Friday, February 8, 2008

Conference in India: 'Industries need energy efficiency to meet climate change'

There's a summit going on in Delhi right now about sustainable development and climate change. Adaptation is a recurring theme at this event. From the Economic Times (India): Industries need to focus on water, energy and resource efficiency while undertaking capacity building to meet challenges of climate change, a senior UNIDO official has said. "Adaptation to climate change should be an integral component of all development projects. However, no organisation has yet undertaken a full assessment of climate change adaptation technologies and policies, with specific focus on the industrial sector," UNIDO Managing Director (Programme Development and Technical Cooperation Division) Dmitri Piskounov said here. United Nations Industrial Development Organisation is an UN agency to promote and accelerate industrial growth in developing countries.

Piskounov was speaking at a session on Climate Change at the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit 2008 organised by The Energy Resource Institute (TERI). In the wake of climate change, the industries need to focus on water resources, space and process cooling, changes in resource availability and productivity and sea-level rise, flooding and other extreme weather conditions, a statement said here. "Since water would become scarcer, all users of water, including industry, would have to become more water efficient. Similarly as temperatures increase, industry would need to maintain workplaces and equipment at tolerable temperature

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