Saturday, August 8, 2015

To the readers of my blog--we're migrating to Facebook

Carbon Based has been rolling along for some time, and I'm trying an experiment.  The blog now appears on my Facebook page.

Facebook makes many uneasy, I know.  Nature itself dislikes "curated" walled gardens, which smack of the sort of monoculture that evolutionary biologists warn us about. I'm not happy about it myself.  I feel like a fogey grumbling about the dullness and fatuity of most social media. It feels like I'm moving from an elegant, quiet, appealing coffee house to a food court at the mall.

But the numbers are much larger and more consistent on Facebook, so I'm reluctantly making the switch. Ease of posting is another consideration -- I can fling posts much faster via Facebook.

One problem -- some of my readers aren't connected with me on Facebook.  You read Carbon Based for its current news of floods, disasters, heat waves, climate modeling, risk, and other uproarious topics.  You're not interested in puppy videos, unless the puppy has devised a new rescue device that firefighters can use, or a new method of no-till agriculture that halts nitrogen run-off.  The puppy trying to fill a plastic pool with a garden hose just lacks the heft you've come to expect from Carbon Based.

If you'd like to keep abreast of the latest news in climate change adaptation, just hit the friend button. I may tire of Facebook and migrate back to Blogger, which has served me well for more than nine years. But for now, it's social media or bust. I hope you join me.

From 1960, Torsten Wilner performing an experiment at Atomariet at the Museum of Science and Technologi in Stockholm, Sweden. Public domain

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