Thursday, July 10, 2014

Floods cut off Douala in Cameroon

Christopher Jator in via the Cameroon Tribune: Most houses, wooden residential structures and marketplaces ceased to function until late afternoon yesterday, July 8, 2014, following floods that covered most parts of Douala. Public and private activities did not resume as squatters in Mambanda, "Bois des Singes" and "Petit Paris" in Bonapriso, "Village" as well as city dwellers in Akwa Nord and New Bell continued to flush water from homes and around business centres.

The economic capital has been experiencing episodes of heavy rains that last about two to four hours daily since last week and intensifying yesterday as from 5 am. The floods destroyed household properties like parlour chairs, mattresses, and electrical gadgets in Mambanda and some areas of New Bell. No death was registered.

Water flowing into homes carried away cutleries, provoked electrical sparks from wall sockets and distributors and keeping neighbourhoods in complete blackout and causing untold harm on cold stores in markets in the affected areas as well as fragilised the foundations of most homes, thereby rendering habitation risky.

In many in the administrative headquarters of Bonanjo, the floods grounded government business to some extent and the inhabitants of the low-lying neighbourhoods of Ngangue and Makepe, where flooding is perennial, suffered the brunt of it all. Holiday makers hawking roasted plums and plantains, groundnuts, phones, scissors and blades, World Cup gadgets, and other self-reliant activities could only give a sigh to the interruptions....

International Women's Day in Douala, Cameroon, shot by Guillaume WA, Wikimedia Commons, under the Creative Commons 3.0 license 

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