Sunday, May 25, 2014

World Bank sees climate change threat to development

Yahoo Philippines via the Manila Bulletin: Countries of the world should confront climate change squarely as part of the global efforts to end poverty and boost prosperity. It’s a challenge that needs collective action by national governments, development partners, private sector, civil society, and local communities.

This was the key message of Ms. Rachel Kyte, World Bank (WB) Group Vice President and Special Envoy on Climate Change, during her four-day visit in the Philippines from May 20-23 which included her participation at the World Economic Forum; meetings with government officials, civil society organizations, and a visit to several communities in Leyte hit hard by Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda).

“During my visit to several municipalities in Leyte, I have seen how communities – working with local and international NGOs, local governments, national government agencies, private sector and development partners – are beginning to rebuild their lives. The task of rebuilding, in fact seizing the opportunity to build back better, is enormous. If funds can move more smoothly to those accountable for development at the local level and with the support of partner
s, I believe the people in the Visayas affected by the typhoon will overcome this challenge,” said Ms. Kyte.

Time is of the essence and the World Bank Group will continue to find and fund creative ways to support Filipinos, she said....

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