Sunday, March 23, 2014

Heavy rains leave Zimbabwe with USD 4 million repair tab via New Zimbabwe: More than $3.6 million is needed to repair roads and bridges destroyed by recent heavy rains in the Midlands, officials in the province have revealed. Jason Machaya, the minister of state for Midlands province, recently toured damaged sites around the province with officials from the department of roads in the region.

"We need about more than US$3 million to repair our roads and damaged bridges which were washed away by recent torrential rains according to the bill of quantity which was worked by the Ministry of transport and Infrastructural development," he said

Heavy rains, which have been pounding most parts of the country, left a trail of disaster in most areas with some villagers displaced. About 40 major roads, including bridges across the Midlands, have been washed away.

Musabezi River bridge was among the worst hit with some $680,000 needed to carry out repairs....

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