Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Labour in the UK says new flood deal must take in climate change

Wales Online: Shadow Welsh Secretary Owen Smith has vowed to fight for flooding victims by ensuring the UK Government comes clean over the number of properties that will be left at risk by climate change.

Labour has tried to force the UK Government to consult with the Committee on Climate Change over the numbers that should be protected by a new deal it’s done with the insurance industry to protect at-risk homes.

The UK Government has faced criticism over the new Flood Re deal as it’s suggested it only protects around 500,000 at-risk homes when climate change will leave around 970,000 vulnerable by the 2020s. Labour says it will attempt to amend the deal going through Parliament to force the Coalition to say how many at-risk homes have been excluded from the UK Government’s Flood Re scheme.

Pontypridd MP Mr Smith said recent flooding in Rhyl has highlighted the risk facing many homeowners. The Shadow Welsh Secretary said: “It is hugely complacent for ministers to think that the number of properties that need to be included in the scheme will not go up as a result of climate change....

A 1910 flood in Monnow Street in Monmouth

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