Monday, June 10, 2013

Academies urge action on drug resistance and development policy

T.V. Padma in Science academies from eight developed and five emerging economies have urged developing countries to take a lead in tackling increasing drug resistance and pledged to support policymaking for sustainable development.

In two joint statements released last week (29 May) they noted the need for new drug discovery and development to tackle growing drug resistance worldwide, and they pledged to support policymaking for sustainable development through inter-academy and research collaboration.

In the statement on drug resistance, the academies say there is a need for enhancing research and development capacity in developing countries; regular monitoring of drug sensitivity; tracking resistance in real-time; carrying out regular surveys on the impacts of antibiotics released into the environment; and promoting drug regulation policies.

On sustainable development policy after 2015, the deadline for meeting the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), they pledge to proactively engage with international, national and regional policymakers with an eye on "providing objective expertise" and ensuring "scientific rigour to gathering evidence"....

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