Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Climate change to cost USD 26.9 billion, says expert

Benson Nyagesiba in the Star (Kenya): An environmental expert yesterday said that climate change will cost Kenya Sh2.3 trillion [about $26.9 billion] if measures to curb changes in weather patterns are not put in place. Alexander Alusa an environment adviser in the PM’s office said the weather changes are a challenge to the realising Vision 2030. “Climate change is a challenge because it affects the development of the country in the socio-economic sphere," said Alusa. That is why we must ensure we are in control of the weather."

Speaking in Kisii county at workshop in Climate Change, he said the PM's office has been holding public debates on climate change to get wananchi's views.

"The meeting are organised to give people an opportunity to say what they know about climate change,” Alusa said. During the hearing, parliament was asked to pass the Climate Change Authority Bill-2012 authored by Emuhaya MP Wilbur Ottichillo before it is dissolved.

The Bill will provide a framework for mitigating and adapting to the effects of climate change on various sectors of the economy. Speaking during the closure of the hearings, Assistant Minister in the PMs Office John Mbadi asked presidential aspirants to give climate change priority in their campaigns like in America.

Mbadi noted that no single candidate has taken concern over the same saying that climate change will consume three percent of the country’s GDP. “I am urging presidential candidates to prioritize climate change in their campaigns because this is a big concern to the country’s development,” Mbadi said....

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