Monday, August 20, 2012

Typhoon Kai-Tak claims 27 lives as floods hit north Vietnam

BBC: At least 27 people have been killed during a typhoon which swept across northern provinces of Vietnam over the weekend, officials have said.

Typhoon Kai-Tak made landfall on Friday, bringing intense rain and strong winds.

Nearly 12,000 houses were damaged and 56,800 acres (23,000 hectares) of cropland were flooded, officials said.

Some of those who died were carried away by floodwaters, one died in a flood-triggered landslide.

In the capital, Hanoi, where some 200 large trees were uprooted, one taxi driver was killed when a tree fell on his car.

In Bac Giang province a 46-year-old woman died after a hill near her house collapsed in the middle of the night....

Typhoon Kai-Tak on August 17, in a shot from NASA

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