Thursday, July 19, 2012

Philippine government urged to prioritize disaster risk reduction

ABS CBN News (Philippines): Senator Loren Legarda urged President Benigno Aquino III anew to prioritize disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation on the list of national government programs.

Legarda said the President should “lead the road to disaster-resilient governance” to address the adverse effects of disasters and climate change to the lives of Filipinos.

“The President's agenda is clearly aimed at creating a culture of responsible citizenship and responsible governance. A fundamental way to institute this reform is to lead the road to disaster-resilient governance - pursuing a comprehensive program that will address the ill effects of disasters and climate change on health, hunger and malnutrition, agriculture and fisheries, jobs and livelihoods, natural resources and energy,” Legarda said in a press statement released Thursday.

The senator also said that based on data from the Citizens' Disaster Response Center, the country was the world’s most disaster-hit country last year.

“How can we achieve our collective aim for economic development and deliver the benefits our people long deserve, when every passing year, disasters -- such as flash floods and landslides from stronger typhoons and heavier rains -- claim countless lives and ruin our communities and livelihoods?” she said....

A flooded river on the island of Panay near Alimodian in 2008, US Navy photo

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