Monday, June 11, 2012

New guidelines call for companies to disclose climate-change exposures in more standard format

Property Casualty 360: Institutional investors and environmental advocates are urging companies to follow a new guide on how to disclose their risks from the impact of climate change, according to a Reuters report.

With the goal of bringing greater standardization to the reporting of climate risks, the guide was put together by three companies and public-interest groups that aim to foster sustainable business practices: Calvert Investments, relief organization Oxfam America and the Ceres Coalition of investors.

The release follows by two years guidelines issued by the SEC. While the SEC guidelines do not force publicly traded corporations to assess such climate-related events as severe storms, droughts, floods and heat waves, some companies have done so anyway.

But those disclosures have not been particularly useful, Maryland State Treasurer Nancy Kopp tells Reuters. “Among those who disclosed, they used different procedures, different rubrics, different metrics,” says Kopp. “So the idea of having some basis for comparing companies consistently is an important thing to us, to investors. Otherwise, you get a hodgepodge of data that’s not useful information.”

...The recently issued guidelines note that the potential perils associated with climate change include floods, storms, changing rainfall patterns, changes in pests and disease distribution, rising sea levels and storm surges...

From 1670, "The Plague of Frogs," an engraving published in "La Saincte Bible, Contenant le Vieil and la Nouveau Testament, Enrichie de plusieurs belles figures/Sacra Biblia, nouo et vetere testamento constantia eximiis que sculpturis et imaginibus illustrata, De L'imprimerie de Gerard Jollain"

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