Sunday, May 27, 2012

Transparency challenges in the Maldives

Musliha Hassan in the Minivan News (Maldives):   A lack of consolidated institutions for climate governance poses key challenges to the Maldives’ effort to save the country from dangers of climate change. One of the lowest-lying countries in the world, with an average elevation of 1.5 meters above sea level, the Maldives is extremely vulnerable to the affects of climate change, such as sea level rise.

In international climate negotiations, as a developing country and a member of the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS), the Maldives has been a vocal advocate for strong mitigation and adaptation strategies against climate change. The country has also been a recipient of large amounts of funding for climate change mitigation and adaptation projects, under both bilateral and multilateral funding schemes.

According to a preliminary report on Climate Governance Integrity by Transparency Maldives, approximately US$160.5 million dollars is currently being spent on various projects through externally funded grants and loans.

However, the report stated that according to the Government, management of mitigation and adaptation projects has proven to be a difficult task as a result of limitations in human resources, institutional capacity, and local expertise in the field...

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mememine69 said...

It’s ok to make fun of right wing bible thumpers, pro-lifers and war mongers but condemning billions of children to the greenhouse gas ovens? Who’s the neocon again?