Sunday, January 22, 2012

Drought worsening in Argentina, Paraguay

Terra Daily via UPI: Drought conditions are worsening in Latin America, especially Argentina and Paraguay, and may become a flash point for political and rural unrest, latest data and sector analysis said. In Argentina's politically fraught agriculture sector, anger over what farmers' representatives see as ineffective policies of President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner surfaced again in pronouncements by farmers' representatives.

Fernandez is accused of refusing to increase a state emergency fund for tackling the drought. The president has also turned down pleas for a fiscal review to ease the tax burden of farmer communities. "Farmers are always expected to pay up but are never entitled to government help," Argentine Agrarian Federation chief Eduardo Buzzi said. "The government wants farmers approaching the counter in order to pay, not asking for money."

Farmers' representatives say Fernandez is even less responsive to their demands and expectations since last year's landslide victory. Buzzi said the distressed farmers, especially those with small or medium-sized holdings, expected the government to drop export duties on grain and oilseed exports....

A field of soy in Paso de La Arena, Argentina, shot by Arielex, public domain

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