Sunday, July 31, 2011

The adaptation challenge in Nepal

Lal Deosa Rai in the Himalayan (Nepal) described how local media are conveying climate change information, particularly about adaptation. How the word gets out in rural, mountainous areas is often a vexed question: As there are hundreds of community broadcasting stations in Nepal‚ it is a matter of public concern how effective they have been in creating community awareness about climate-change adaptation‚ through participation in planning‚ in production and consumption of climate change media content

...The rural communities are becoming more aware of what they are doing to ward off the effects of the global industrial cause for which they are not responsible. The localized meaning of this happenings are communicated to the developing rural community through inter-personal as well as mass media channels, which are structured as integral parts of the larger social system. We view these channels as the social structure functioning as sub-systems within the larger social systems to perform the task of making essential contribution to facilitating innovations, adaptation, empowerment and progress towards behavioural and cultural change, besides providing information about climate change events and conditions...

Namche Bazar (Khumbu, Nepal), shot by Kogo, Wikimedia Commons, under the Creative Commons Attribution 1.0 Generic license

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