Thursday, September 30, 2010

New homes site in Bath at risk of flooding

This Is Bath (UK): New strategies are needed to tackle the risk of flooding at key development sites in Bath, according to a council report. Bath and North East Somerset Council has published a Strategic Flood Risk Assessment document, which looks at what possible defences could be used along the River Avon.

It says development sites across the city, including the proposed Western Riverside zone, are among those where flooding fears need to be addressed. It says assessments show "a number of potential regeneration and development areas are at risk of flooding, or are likely to become at risk in the future if climate change increases the severity and frequency of storms and causes a rise in sea levels. Bath is at risk of flooding from rivers, sewers, surface water, artificial sources and, to a lesser degree, from groundwater (springs)".

…In the central area there is potential cause for concern, but the report concludes it would be too expensive to build extensive defences and instead recommends measures at key points. No decisions have been made so far about what action the council will be taking but a spokesman said the information would help councillors make decisions over planning permission. Concern from the Environment Agency was one of the factors behind the abandonment of plans for a new school funded by Sir James Dyson's educational charity in the city….

Bath from Beechen Cliff, circa 1900

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