Thursday, May 13, 2010

Five things to expect with climate change

Kitty Beer in News Blaze: Can't imagine what it could be like? Here are five things your grandchildren can expect with climate change….

1. Mass Migration: …Events like drought and war force people to leave their homes and head for safer ground. Most often they have nowhere to go, and end up in vast crowded camps or makeshift shanties. … Migration will also be caused by the flooding of our coastal cities.

2. Unpredictable Seasons: … In just decades, farmers won't be able to predict the seasons accurately enough to know when and what to plant. April could mean drought or tornadoes or snow, anywhere.…

3. Political Chaos: With Washington D.C. mostly under water, the federal government will relocate, probably to the Midwest, say Chicago. But with so many countless emergencies and disasters all at once everywhere, it won't take long before the feds lose control. Power will revert to the state level, but that too will begin to fragment. …

4. Human Rights Lost: The first victim of political and social chaos is the rule of law. Without enforcement, laws are soon weakened and broken, especially human rights. Of these, society's protection of women and children tends to fracture first. Women will find themselves once more oppressed and exploited, their behavior dictated…

5. Resource Wars:…Even with full realization of the damage fossil fuels have done, powerful authorities might want to continue using them, if only for their military forces. So wars over oil will probably continue. The most sought after resource will be clean water. Drinkable water is a problem in many places today….

Durer's Four Horseman of the Apocalypse

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