Thursday, June 25, 2009

Czech government sends aid to flood-hit areas

Czech Happenings: The Czech government decided today to earmark up to 54 million crowns for the flood-hit localities in North Moravia and to send there up to 1000 soldiers to remove the flood consequences, Prime Minister Jan Fischer told reporters after a meeting of the National Security Council. The North Moravian regional authorities announced today that it would distribute 70 million crowns among flood victims.

Regional governor Jaroslav Palas (Social Democrats, CSSD) told journalists after a meeting of the regional crisis committee that the regional council would provide 20,000 crowns per person and that municipalities could receive from the region up to 500,000 crowns to remove the first damage. In addition, the Local Development Ministry will earmark 45 million crowns.

Czech humanitarian organisations are preparing aid to victims of the floods. The ADRA organisation has started recruiting volunteers and will start taking concrete measures on Friday….

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