Thursday, April 16, 2009

One billion dollars to be plowed into American west drought relief Water-starved California is to receive the lion's share of a $1bn federal funding package aimed to stave off drought in the American west. Last Wednesday, April 15, the US Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced the funding as part of the wider plan to stimulate economic recovery in the country.

California is to receive $260m to expand water supplies, repair and replace ageing infrastructure and mitigate effects of the state's ongoing drought. $50m will be spent on diverting water from the Colorado River to supply the state of Utah. Further funding will be available throughout the west, including grant aid for water recovery and reuse and green building projects focusing on water conservation.

"In the midst of one of the deepest economic crises in our history, Californians have been saddled with a drought that is putting tens of thousands of people out of work and devastating entire communities," said Secretary Salazar….

Foundation of a house in Lexington, California, from beneath the reservoir waters, exposed by drought. With a view in the background of the receded water. Shot by Calbookaddict

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