Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Prepare for longer emergencies due to climate change, says Canada's Emergency Measures Organization

CBC News (Canada): The rise of freak weather storms as a result of global warming means that New Brunswickers should add extra water and supplies to their emergency stockpile, according to the director of the provincial Emergency Measures Organization. Traditionally, homeowners have been warned to keep 72 hours worth of food and water in case they are disconnected from the power grid because of a severe storm or flood.

Ernie MacGillivray, the director of the Emergency Measures Organization, said even if most people were able to sustain themselves for 72 hours that would have given emergency responders the ability to deal with the most urgent cases. But times are changing as the climate changes. Now MacGillivray said people should be prepared now to be without power for as long as a week.

"We should be thinking about how to be more self-sufficient because we do have a changing climate and we're going to have to adapt," MacGillivray said. MacGillivray said climate change is making itself felt in New Brunswick, pointing to several high-profile events in the last year. Many parts of the province were digging out from the first blizzard of the year on Monday that dumped as much as 37 centimetres of snow….

Postcard of ice fishing in Gilford, Ontario

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