Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New publication on adaptation

The World Resources Institute has a recent publication called Weathering the Storm: Options for Framing Adaptation and Development: Confusion about the relationship between adaptation and development has meant that funding mechanisms may create redundancies or leave gaps in the landscape of critical adaptation and development activities.

Drawing on Internet resources, Weathering the Storm clarifies this relationship by analyzing 135 projects, policies, and other initiatives from the developing world that have been labeled by implementers or researchers as “adaptation to climate change.”

The report analyzes the objectives of initiatives and the strategies utilized in implementation
to characterize some of the ways that adaptation and development overlap. A continuum of
activities from “pure” development to “pure” climate change is proposed as a conceptual
framework to understand when different “development” activities may play an “adaptation”
function. Recommendations address governance challenges, funding implications, and next
steps in analysis and policy development.

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