Saturday, November 17, 2007

Wealthy estate in Florida consumes 57,000 gallons of water per day...during a drought

Treehugger: Nobody is surprised when TreeHugger is appalled by wasting water, but when the Wall Street Journal starts complaining you know the issue has gone mainstream. Robert Frank writes in the Journal about Nelson Peltz and how:

"He used about 21 million gallons over the past 12 months, which works out to an average of 57,000 gallons a day. Just to put that in perspective, the average single-family household in southern Florida consumes about 54,000 gallons PER YEAR. In other words, Mr. Peltz’s place uses more water in a day than most homes use in a year."


Frank concludes in very un-WSJ tone: "I’m all for people spending money however they please. Mr. Peltz earned it, he has a right to buy a oceanfront big estate and run it as he pleases. But when he’s using more than a million gallons of water per month during one of the worst droughts in history, conspicuous consumption has gone too far." ::Wall Street Journal

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