Friday, October 19, 2007

Improved flood forecasting tool, says company has a press release from Wallingford Software about FloodWorks v8.5: Wallingford Software announces today the release of FloodWorks v8.5, the leading real time flood forecasting and warning software solution. A modular software package, FloodWorks is used extensively for the real-time simulation and forecasting of extreme hydrological and hydraulic conditions within river basins, drainage systems and the coastal zone.

With version 8.5 Wallingford Software has overhauled the software's user interface, improving usability and thereby enabling more effective flood forecast management.

FloodWorks 8.5 features a much-improved graphical user interface for the FloodWorks Event Manager. "This will improve ease and efficiency of use, extend the ability of individual users to customise their own displays and enhance the visibility of the forecast results", says Product Manager, Tyrone Parkinson.

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