Friday, September 21, 2007

Australia: Opposition leader Rudd discusses climate change with farmers

ABC Rural (Australia): Opposition leader Kevin Rudd is in western New South Wales to meet farmers and to put a dollar figure on the Labor Party's climate change policy. Drought and climate change were the issues for Opposition Leader and birthday boy Kevin Rudd as he made a whistle-stop tour of drought-stricken properties near Walgett, in the National Party-held seat of Parkes in western New South Wales this morning.

The main issues for the farmers are ongoing drought, lack of infrastructure, hospitals and telecommunications as well as the impact of high grain prices on farmers who have forward-sold their crop but have no crop to deliver.

Kevin Rudd is expected to announce $60 million over three years to help ameliorate the impact of climate change. Turning 50 today, the farmers baked a special chocolate cake for Mr Rudd.

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