Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Issues with carbon offsets

The Globe Foundation in Canada has a worthwhile explanation of some of the issues involved in carbon credits and offsetting emissions: ...Offset credits will remain an important method of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Their current problems are symptomatic of a rapidly evolving market and managing these issues will prove challenging for both public and the private sector agencies. Properly implemented, however, carbon offset systems can provide a valuable outlet for businesses, individuals and governments to spread their clean technologies; to encourage sustainable development; and to contribute to a worldwide reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

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Ian Parnell said...

Thanks for the heads on this article. Very informative and timely as I've been researching carbon offsets for car transportation. It's been frustrating finding a common estimate of emissions, and information about how money for carbon offsets will be invested. Now I have a few more leads to follow. Cheers